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How To Choose A Shirt For Your Body Type

If you’re searching for a new shirt but can never seem to find the right style or fit for your frame, we have you sorted. No matter what shape you are, there’s a shirt out there — whether you’re after a casual shirt that you can wear for everyday and nights out or you need a sophisticated formal shirt for an upcoming special event. Our guide on men’s shirts and different body types will tell you exactly what you need to wear to look sharp and feel confident at any... Read More


Survey Asks – What Makes the Modern Man?

What is a modern man? In an age when we’re supposedly free to speak, think and be as we want, it seems that men today are constantly pulled up and pigeonholed depending on how they act, dress and behave. The media loves to show young lads causing havoc after a match. If we’re lucky enough to get a bit of peace from that, we usually have to sit through TV shows featuring men as dependent morons, workout addicts, animalistic meatheads or sexist businessmen. Are you a lad’s lad or a... Read More


How To Look The Part: Masonic Clothing

Part of being a Freemason is upholding the traditions surrounding dress code, although each lodge may have it’s own variations on what is ‘appropriate dress’ – every Freemason knows that it’s vital to look their best. Smart dress is a must and with high expectations to fulfil, getting the right balance for your dress is important. The key is the keep it simple, and keep it smart! At Fields Menswear we’re proud to offer a selection of high quality Masonic clothing, with smart essentials and distinctive accessories that will ensure... Read More

Buying A Suit Online 03/04/2017
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13 Ways to Pick the Right Suit for You Online

Working out how to buy a suit online isn’t easy. Suits are probably the only outfit you reckon you’d need to be there — getting measured, fitted and checked out from all angles — in order to ensure you get the right choice. But this isn’t true. Thousands of men buy quality, good-looking online suits every day. Why? Because it’s easier, faster and cheaper with no inner-city parking and sales assistant small talk required. Granted, of course, that you remember a few tips and tricks to avoid making a mess... Read More