The Best Trousers For Your Body Type

There are many things to consider when it comes to preparing an outfit, from shirts to trousers, but how often do you take into consideration your body type?

By paying closer attention to your body shape and respecting the natural look of your body type, you can pick clothes and accessories that will flatter you. At Fields Menswear we’re keen to embrace every body shape, and encourage our customers to find the perfect fit for them in all of our range of designer mens clothing. So, let’s take a look at the different mens body types to help you choose the correct style of trousers for your specific body and leg type.

Average Build

An average build body type is a rather blanket term to describe a body type that is in good proportion to height; with shoulders broader than the waist, but little to no clear definition in terms of muscles. This male body type is fairly easy to dress are there are no real stand out features that can be enhanced or downplayed, so most trouser styles will suit this build well.


Whether this rectangle means that you’re of a particularly slim build, or simply have a waist and shoulder width that are the same width apart, this body type deviates slightly from the average build mentioned above. With this rectangle body type, you may want to opt for slim fitting jeans or trousers and team them with a slightly oversized jacket in an attempt to create an inverted triangle line which will play on making the shoulders appear broader.

Inverted Triangle

A traditionally more athletic body type, the inverted triangle relates to broad shoulders and a smaller waist – it’s an average build with much more lift and definition. If your chest is relatively quite broad, it can be difficult to find a t-shirt that fits perfectly – opt for Breton stripes for that visual illusion and a graphic t-shirt that will draw the eye to this area. If you haven’t skipped leg day, then your muscular legs may work best with straight leg trousers, chinos and jeans, as skinny fit trousers may not suit your build.


Learning to dress alongside your body proportions can work wonders to your overall look. If you have a triangle body shape, it can be difficult to get the balance right. With a more pronounced mid-section, consider how it’s possible to team a t-shirt or shirt under a smart but casual blazer for a more streamlined look. Vertical stripes are a good choice when it comes to patterns for tops, and with trousers, it makes sense to avoid slim fit jeans, as this will accentuate the visual appearance of your waist.

Now we’ve covered the standard male body types, let’s see which style of trousers are best for different leg types in order to score an appropriate silhouette that suits your shape perfectly.

Long, Thin Legs

Tall guys often have the monopoly on styles of trousers, but play up to the flattering cut of skinny jeans and you’ve got a great look sorted with minimal effort. In our mens jeans department we have some straight leg denim jeans from designer brand Bruhl that display classic jean options that will become a wardrobe staple for every man.

Big Thighs

Those guys with chunkier thighs should consider how to keep their look in good proportion. Well fitting clothes will aid the overall visual appearance, rather than emphasising areas you don’t wish to draw attention to. Opt for dark coloured trousers for a more flattering finish and add pops of colour with t-shirts or shirts. With this leg type, we would suggest a tapered jean for a comfortable fit that will work in your favour.

Muscular Legs

The tapered look of muscular legs will look right at home in a pair of stylish chinos. If you’re a gym regular, the look of chinos will mean there is plenty of room at the top of the trouser, with a slimmer fit on the calves and ankles so you’re less likely to get an ill-fit. Our range of mens chinos delivers plenty of choice when it comes to different colours; from classic beige that can be easily styled with a polo shirt, to a dark blue which can be a great alternative to jeans. Made from soft cotton and many offering an elastic waistband, this style is comfortable without compromising on the overall style.

We all want to look and feel great in our choice of clothing, so take a look at our complete mens trousers department at Fields Menswear to find yourself a pair of comfortable, yet stylish trousers, jeans or chinos to add to your wardrobe today.

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