Top 6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Buying a Father’s Day gift is always difficult. Every year, you want to show him you’ve given it proper thought, but there’s always either too much to choose from or not enough.

Finding the perfect present doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If you want to treat your old man to something he doesn’t have, but you know he’ll want; check out our best Father’s day gift ideas for inspiration.

Whether he’s the more set-in-his-ways type, or a young-at-heart kind, we’ve selected presents for all kinds of dads to help you show your appreciation with the ideal Father’s Day gift.

Valet box

We’re going to kick-off our Father Day gift run-down with something for a proper old-school dad. If he’s a traditionalist who likes formal fashion, vintage cars and classic films, he’ll love this valet box from Loake.

With this gift, he’ll get cloths, brushes, suede cleaners, and waxed leather protectors in a dark wood box that looks neat and elegant sitting on a chest of drawers or side table. Plus, the range of tan, black, mid brown, dark brown, neutral, and burgundy polishes means that he can use the shoe-restoration kit on nearly every pair of shoes in his collection.

This valet box is a great Father’s Day gift if your dad is one of those blokes who likes to fix or restore things rather than just throw them out and buy something new. If he has a small but cherished collection of favourite shoes, the Loake valet box is a perfect present to show how well you really know him.  


It’s often harder to shop for dads than mums. There are loads of handbags, rings, bangles, and necklaces in all kinds of colours and styles for women, but generally a smaller range of accessory gifts to choose from for men.

One thing we all have in common is money and our need to keep it safely on us at all times. If your dad has a worn-out wallet or maybe likes to use one for formal and one for casual occasions, help him out. Gifts for dad don’t get much better than this genuine brown grain leather wallet from Sophos. Sleek and sophisticated, your dad will get six safe card slots, full-length notes section, and a button-and-tab fastening — the ideal balance between trendy design and high-level security.

Most men don’t want their wallets to be too conspicuous for obvious reasons, which is why this dark brown shade and subtly embossed panel material makes it a winner as a Father’s Day gift.

Formal clothing accessories

While we’re on men’s accessories, there are actually a few you can get your dad that he can wear for work or formal events.

Start him off with a pair of cufflinks. There are plenty available that make excellent Father’s Day gifts, but we suggest playing it cautious if you’re surprising him. These checked designs from Walton Duncan come in a gift box to save you on the wrapping, and will go with any shirt, tie and suit combo.

Or, if he has a hobby, these fishing and piano keyboard cufflinks make a fantastic Father’s Day gift idea with a bit of character.

Don’t want to get him just cufflinks? Save your dad even more aggro when it comes to getting ready for a wedding, Christening or business trip with a quality belt and dapper tie. If there are too many to choose from and you don’t know what he’ll wear them with, check out the top formal and casual shirts we’ve selected below to get the ideal matching outfit for him.

Formal shirts

Paisley style is bold, distinct and right up there in fashion today. So, if your dad has a secret eye on the latest trends, he’ll love it if you surprise him with a paisley shirt as a Father’s Day gift. They also look great with a pair of tan brogues and dark jeans.

Maybe your dad’s more shy and understated when it comes what he wears. For something simpler but equally as stylish, these comfy cotton-rich shirts in plain block colours make an ideal gift for dads. Plus, the subtle shades can match easily with grey, black or brown suits for formal events, as well as a pair of jeans or chinos for everyday.

Casual Shirts

The buttoned-down collar shirt is just like what the mods would wear way back in the Sixties and it’s a retro fashion trend that is really popular today. If your dad’s fussy with what he wears, we’re sure he’ll be alright with a Father’s Day gift that reminds him of his youth. Choose either a plain or light-checked design from Drifter in a shade you know he’ll like and give your Dad the perfect shirt for dressing up or down as he pleases.


Everyone needs shoes and they’re one of the safest option to go for when you’re picking a Father’s Day gift. A nice pair of stylish brogues to match his cufflinks and tie is a clever way to go. Or, if he’s a regular holidaymaker, treat him to a comfy pair of deck shoes that he can wear to walk along the beach and enjoy drinks in the sun.

Perhaps your old man’s more of a gardening/fishing/walking the dog type. If you reckon loafers and Oxford shoes would be wasted on him, he’ll probably be more than happy with a sturdy and stylish pair of boots as a Father’s Day gift. These are waterproof and breathable enough to wear for walking, but also trendy enough for days out in town, which will save him the time and effort of switching shoes for different outfits.

If we haven’t hit the nail on the head here, check out our full range of coats, shoes, knitwear, and accessories for more possible gifts for dads this Father’s Day.

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