May 2017


Survey Asks – What Makes the Modern Man?

What is a modern man? In an age when we’re supposedly free to speak, think and be as we want, it seems that men today are constantly pulled up and pigeonholed depending on how they act, dress and behave. The media loves to show young lads causing havoc after a match. If we’re lucky enough to get a bit of peace from that, we usually have to sit through TV shows featuring men as dependent morons, workout addicts, animalistic meatheads or sexist businessmen. Are you a lad’s lad or a... Read More


Top 6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Buying a Father’s Day gift is always difficult. Every year, you want to show him you’ve given it proper thought, but there’s always either too much to choose from or not enough. Finding the perfect present doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If you want to treat your old man to something he doesn’t have, but you know he’ll want; check out our best Father’s day gift ideas for inspiration. Whether he’s the more set-in-his-ways type, or a young-at-heart kind, we’ve selected presents for all kinds of dads to help... Read More