How To Look The Part: Masonic Clothing

Part of being a Freemason is upholding the traditions surrounding dress code, although each lodge may have it’s own variations on what is ‘appropriate dress’ – every Freemason knows that it’s vital to look their best.

Smart dress is a must and with high expectations to fulfil, getting the right balance for your dress is important. The key is the keep it simple, and keep it smart! At Fields Menswear we’re proud to offer a selection of high quality Masonic clothing, with smart essentials and distinctive accessories that will ensure you look the part.

In order to build a wardrobe full of essential Masonic menswear, you need to invest in foundation pieces that can be used as a base for any Masonic event. A great suit, quality shirts and smart shoes are imperative. Subtle accessories can then be added to your look in order to give it that personal touch.

Here’s our pick of the best Masonic suits and essential menswear, plus tips on upholding the traditional Freemason values through your dress.


Masonic Suits

The cornerstone of every Freemason’s wardrobe is a quality suit. It’s important to remember that being a Freemason doesn’t require splurging on flashy suits or designer labels, it’s about showing respect to the traditions through smart, considered dress.
This Scott Black Herringbone Pure Wool Tailcoat is a fantastic wardrobe addition, crafted using Herringbone weave fabric with a single vent and single button fastening. This is the epitome of smart lodge wear, and is the perfect match to the Herringbone waistcoat.

The Fields Formal Jacket & Waistcoat is a option for those looking for a go-to suit for all Masonic occasions. This double vent jacket has flap style front pockets and is made from English woven fabrics. The matching waistcoat and classic Masonic silk tie with gold embroidery perfectly finishes off this traditional ensemble.


Masonic Shirts

A crisp white shirt is a must for any Masonic menswear wardrobe, contrasting perfectly with the dark, formal tones of your suit. At Fields Menswear we offer a selection of simple, high quality white shirts that are ideal for any Masonic event, including both long and half sleeve versions and a non-iron shirt for those looking to spend time on other aspects of their ensemble.

Masonic Shoes

The key to finding the right pair of Masonic shoes to match your outfit is to stick to tradition. Loafer, brogue or Oxford style shoes are the perfect smart footwear choice, ideally in a black, brown or Oxblood colour (depending on your Lodge restrictions). The men’s footwear collection by Loake boasts a selection of styles ideal for a Masonic occasion, crafted using quality polished leather and available in a wide range of sizes.

How can I personalise my Masonic clothing?

By nature, Masonic clothing should not be overly personalised. Your clothing represents the Freemasons, as a uniform and a symbol of your commitment to the organisation. That being said, there are ways that you can add elements to your outfit that are in keeping with the values of the Freemasons, with subtle, traditional accessories that are perfectly suited to Masonic wear.

Masonic cufflinks are are great finishing touch to your suit and we offer a stylish selection of enamel, onyx and mother of pearl cufflinks for you to choose from.

Masonic armbands are another popular choice at Fields Menswear, available in a choice of two colours with a comfortable elasticated centre. The armbands come boxed and make a great gift for a member of the family, or for a fellow Mason.


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