What makes the modern man?

What is the modern man really supposed to wear?

We know there are a variety of items of clothing that every man should own, key pieces that really define masculinity in younger men. For example, many say a man should own an Oxford shirt or possess more than one suit in his wardrobe. There are an array of key elements that every young man’s wardrobe should have, whilst it is also said he should always know how to wear them!

Has the modern man lost key traits?

Generations evolve over time and priorities change, especially when it comes to fashion. So with this in mind it is time to separate the men from the boys, can you iron a shirt properly? Can you tie a Windsor knot or just tie a tie in general?

At Fields Menswear we want to know, have we really lost the traits of a true gentleman? And ultimately, what makes the modern man?

Why not take part in our investigation and complete our online survey to find out what you really know.

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