Top 5 Best Barney Stinson “Suit Up” Moments

Over a decade ago a little programme called ‘How I Met Your Mother’ graced our screens, brought in as a replacement for the much loved ‘Friends’. Many were sceptical if it could fill the hole Friends had left behind, fortunately it did triumphantly, becoming one of the best American sitcoms of the 21st Century. Producing memorable characters, but none so legendary as Barney Stinson. Already with a successful acting career behind him, with hits such as ‘Doogie Howser’, Neil Patrick Harris is pretty much the face of the show, producing quality catchphrases in the process.

As we’re all about the formal wear here at Fields Menswear our favourite catchphrase is, of course, “Suit Up”, so much so in fact that we’ve put together some of our favourite “Suit Up” moments!

“Flight Suit Up”

Right in from the first series where Barney goes as the classic Top Gun costume for Halloween. Also in the same episode is another favourite in the suit up moments “I Penguin suited up!”


“Ted suit up!”… “Yes….No”

We just love how excited Barney gets every time he asks Ted to suit up… unfortunately it very rarely happens. Which is why this moment is a pretty sweet moment when Ted finally agrees to, only for it to be cruelly taken away seconds later – it makes good television.


The First Time Barney Suits Up

Finally we get to see the backstory of a pre-suited Barney. The bohemian in love type isn’t at all what we’re used to (until of course the later series), so when Barney gets his heart-broken and his girlfriend runs off with a guy in a suit it prompts Barney to turn into the one we’re used to.


“Snow Suit Up!”

What’s better than building an igloo in the snow in Central Park? When Barney turns up to a less than enthusiastic Ted, it provides another classic suit up moment, this time in the form of “Ted, snow suit up!”


Girls Versus Suits Song

To finish out favourite suit up moments from How I Met Your Mother we are obviously finishing with the best one, the suit song! The song probably sums up the whole of Barney’s persona in a catchy number, which is pretty memorable as far as novelty songs go. The superpower of making everyone wear a suit by pointing at them would probably rank up there with the best as well.

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