March 2017


What makes the modern man?

What is the modern man really supposed to wear? We know there are a variety of items of clothing that every man should own, key pieces that really define masculinity in younger men. For example, many say a man should own an Oxford shirt or possess more than one suit in his wardrobe. There are an array of key elements that every young man’s wardrobe should have, whilst it is also said he should always know how to wear them! Has the modern man lost key traits? Generations evolve over... Read More


Top 5 Best Barney Stinson “Suit Up” Moments

Over a decade ago a little programme called ‘How I Met Your Mother’ graced our screens, brought in as a replacement for the much loved ‘Friends’. Many were sceptical if it could fill the hole Friends had left behind, fortunately it did triumphantly, becoming one of the best American sitcoms of the 21st Century. Producing memorable characters, but none so legendary as Barney Stinson. Already with a successful acting career behind him, with hits such as ‘Doogie Howser’, Neil Patrick Harris is pretty much the face of the show, producing... Read More


The Most Sophisticated Cocktails

Want a way to spice up your parties and turn them into a more formal event? Why not consider serving a range of cocktails alongside your favourite beer and wine options. We’ve put together what we consider to be three of the best ‘gentlemen’ cocktails, real traditional drinks, that are guaranteed to add a sophisticated touch to any party or meal. Not only this but we have also chosen our topic clothing, footwear and accessories picks to accompany each tempting cocktail! Sidecar Originating way back in WW2, this 70 year... Read More