9 Frequently Asked Questions About Loake

When it comes to footwear, we all have our favourites and we all know the brands that are at the top of our favourites list. Even if you’re not a follower of fashion, we all have our go to brands! A best selling brand here at Fields Menswear has to be Loake and we get an abundance of questions regarding this celebrated designer brand. So what better way to answer those burning questions than collating them all and answer the top 9 frequently asked questions about Loake.


Who are Loake?

If you’re already a lover of Loake then you’ll know what we are about to say, however for those who are new to the brand then listen up!

Loake started out as a family run business making traditional English shoes, with the first factory opening back in 1880. To date, five generations and over 130 years, the brand have built a fantastic reputation with the craftsmanship of fine, handmade shoes and boots. The premium Goodyear welted shoes continue to be made in the same 1894 factory in Kettering, England.

As the company has progressed over the years, alongside the brand’s English Goodyear welted footwear, Loake now design and manufacture a range of shoes outside the UK. This expansion has allowed the brand to extend their collection, targeting both formal and casual designs.

Loake have a cult following worldwide, exporting their collections to more than 50 countries. Although they may have grown and developed over the years, the tradition of creating comfortable, handsome and durable shoes is still at the heart of their collections.

How do Loake shoes and boots fit?

A pair of shoes should always fit correctly and knowing your shoe size isn’t always enough when it comes to investing in a good pair of shoes or boots. The key thing to remember is that if you’re paying a lot of money for a pair of shoes or boots, they should fit perfectly.

When it comes to buying a pair of Loake shoes or boots it is important to consult the fitting guide. Each of our Loake products have the fit following this guide in the product description.

  • E=  Narrow – (sometimes known as 5 fitting)
  • F=  Medium – (sometimes known as 6 fitting)
  • G=  Wide – (sometimes known as 7 fitting)
  • H = Extra Wide – (sometimes known as 8 fitting)

It is important to take note of any descriptions that use an X suffix as these indicate a half size. (For example – FX is halfway between an F and a G).

How do I care for my Loakes?

If you’re investing in a pair of Loakes we would always advise that you are prepared to care for them. When it comes to spending a lot of money on something, maintenance is key and the more time you take to look after your shoes the longer they will last.

When first wearing a pair of Loake shoes or boots we would always advise you wear them in dry conditions the first few times. Any fine grit that is picked up by the leather soles will aid water resistance.

We would always recommend polishing your shoes regularly, it is important to wipe away any surface dirt with a dry cloth prior to apply wax or polish. Consider investing in a high quality wax polish to help moisturise the leather, ensuring it is supple.

Is the Loake Valet Box worth the money?

Well we may sound a little biased here as the Loake Valet Box is a best seller at Fields Menswear. But our answer to this question has to be yes, we would always advise those with a diverse collection of Loakes to invest in this. If you’re looking to spoil someone who is a footwear enthusiast then this just may be the perfect answer!

For those wondering what the valet box is, this luxurious looking wooden box is filled with Loake shoe care products. If the high quality box wasn’t enough, you’ll also receive a variety of branded cloths, six polishes, an array of brushes, suede cleaner and a wax/oiled leather protector.

How are Loake shoes and boots made?

This question is something we get asked frequently at Fields Menswear, as brands grow and develop the customer demand to know more increases. Loake shoes and boots are handmade in their factories in and outside the UK. Attention to detail is key when it comes to Loake footwear and each of our celebrated styles are no exception to this.

Which are the best Loake shoes?

Every stockist of Loake will have a different answer to this question, and every owner a pair of Loake shoes will also have their own opinion. What is important to take into consideration is that every style is different and what may suit one person will not suit another. We have a variety of best selling Loake styles here at Fields Menswear, so we have pulled three diverse options for you to peruse!

Loake 200B Oxford Shoes – a true classic that are ideal for the gentleman that wears a suit day to day or alternatively for those looking to invest in a style that can be pulled out for special occasions. If you’re looking to invest in your first pair of Loake shoes then these would be an excellent choice.

Loake Hutchinson Chelsea Boots – these timeless suede chelsea boots are the middle ground between casual and smart. Featuring a contrasting elasticated panel and simplistic branding details, this leather pair can be easily worn with tailored trousers or jeans.

Loake Chester Brogues – an iconic pair in the Loake collection, this traditional pair of brogues are a real work of art. Finished in the iconic burnished tan leather and featuring classic brogue detailing this Goodyear Welted pair are sure to be a talking point.

What is Loake 1880?

The Loake 1880 collection is a premium assortment that emulates the way the brand worked and manufactured their handmade shoes and boots originally. This collection is a fine example of Goodyear Welted footwear, combining this expertise with the shoemaking techniques acquired over the years. We are extremely proud to stock an array of Loake 1880 shoes and boots, stocking best sellers such as Burford, Prestbury, Cogswell and more.

How do I style a pair of Loake brogues?

Style is personal and the diverse selection of Loakes brogues can make this question a little tricky to answer. If you’re looking at a style such as the Loake Pangbourne Semi Brogues, then we would suggest pairing with a classic suit (either dark navy or a bolder blue) and a crisp white shirt. This iconic pair are certainly designed to enhance the look of a true modern gentleman. However if you’re thinking about the Loake Redgrave Brogues then you have a little more flexibility. Wear casually with jeans or smart casual trousers or alternatively take a laid back approach to office wear.

Loake or Barker?

This really is a hard call to make! But if we look at what our customers go for then we would say you seem to prefer Loake. Both brands produce handmade, British men’s footwear and we are extremely proud to stock both here at Fields Menswear. Brand loyalty is truly down to the customer!

If we have finally answered your burning Loake questions, then make sure you check out our complete collection of Loake shoes and boots online at Fields Menswear today.

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