How To Store Your Summer Clothes

Winter is well on the way and although you may have said farewell to your summer clothes, they may still be waiting to be packed away for another year. Organising your clothing may seem like a pain, but trust us when the warmer months come back around you will thank us! Here at Fields Menswear we know the importance of taking care of your clothing and this is why we want to bring you our handy hints and tips on how to store your summer clothing.

Throw away & make space
It is time to be ruthless and this means getting rid of anything you’re holding onto in the hope you will one day wear it again. We all have that one item we don’t want to give away in case we one day decide we need to wear it. However when this turns into a drawer full of clothing, it is time to bite the bullet and get rid! Firstly we would suggest that you dedicate an amount of space to storing your summer clothing and use that to motivate you to get rid of everything that doesn’t fit. We would advise going through all your summer clothing and looking at what you do and don’t wear. This way you will be able to repurchase new garments come the spring and summer months.

Clean & tidy
Once you have worked out what you’re going to keep, it is time to ensure that your summer clothing is clean. It is essential that you make sure your summer clothing is washed prior to storing. Depending on where you’re storing your garments, we would recommend that you make sure the storage space is also clean and tidy. Eliminate all moisture, dust and grime from the area and then let the storing begin!

Store away
When it comes to hanging your clothing, wooden and velvet hangers are the best option as these prevent clothing from creasing. Although wooden hangers may take more space, they will hold the garments in place ensuring they keep their shape. Anything that you do not intend on wearing during the winter months can be stored in plastic boxes or vacuum storage solutions. If you’re tight on space then why not consider investing in a set of drawers, vintage boxes or trunks. These can be used not only to store your clothing but also as a decorative option around the house.

Here at Fields Menswear we are proud to stock such an extensive range of autumn and winter clothing. So why not check out our full range of menswear and upgrade your wardrobe today.

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