How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe Seasonally

So spring has been and gone, however some of us still haven’t had that much needed wardrobe spring clean. Don’t put it off anymore, now is the time to take the plunge and sort out those clothes! It’s time to clean out that closet and make room for timeless essentials and seasonal must haves. As we know it may be a struggle to let go of old favourites, we have put together a handy guide to help you through the process.

Let’s begin with a few questions we need to ask ourselves when we pick up an item we are not sure about;

  1. Does the item fit?
    If the item is far too big then it’s time to let go. However if the item is too small, be honest with yourself and think about whether you’ll fit into it at some point again. If you think you will then hang onto it, if not it’s time to say goodbye.
  2. Have you worn it in the last 12 months?
    We think that this is the easiest way to decide whether to let go or keep something. If you haven’t worn the item in the past 12 months, it’s time to let go. Although this can be difficult, it is an excellent way to free up space in your closet.
  3. Was it seasonal, ‘trend’ led piece?
    If the answer is yes and it was more a decision led by someone you saw wearing it, then it’s time to let it go. Especially if it falls into the question above and you haven’t worn it for ages.

Finally you’ve sorted your clothes out, but now what do you do with the items you have pulled to one side?

  • Store any seasonal clothing away in drawers or any storage solutions you have. This way the clothes haven’t been thrown away, they have just been stored away until next season.
  • Any clothes you have but no longer require that cost you that little bit more or are in excellent condition, why not put them on an online store and make yourself something back.
  • If you’re feeling the relief after a huge clear out, why not consider donating your spare clothes to charity shops or friends and family.
  • If something looks past it’s best then sometimes the only place for it has to be the bin. Say goodbye to those items that are beyond repair!

Once all those unwanted clothes are taken care of you can finally focus on what is left. Our top tip would be to ensure that your rotate your wardrobe seasonally, that way you’ll never forget what you have and also you will wear your clothes rather than buying new pieces. Another good idea is to invest in premium quality hangers, remember slimline hangers will allow you to pack more into your wardrobe. And finally, organise your clothes in a fashion that makes sense to you, colour blocking, organising by type or perhaps when you’ll wear the items – the options are endless!

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