Fields Menswear Guide: How To Care For Leather Shoes

When it comes to investing in a pair of premium quality leather shoes, it is important that you take into consideration the upkeep of the natural material. If you want your shoes to look as good as new, then it is important that you follow our step by step guide to caring for leather shoes.

First things first.
It is essential before you start to polish your shoes that you prepare your chosen footwear prior to following our guide. If your shoes have laces, we would advise that you remove those before you begin and also put a shoe tree into the shoe itself to create an even base when polishing.

Prepare the shoes.
This initial stage is extremely important – so don’t skip it even if you think your shoes are clean! We would advise removing any dirt and dust with a soft horsehair brush, brushing the leather to create a clean base to work with. Doing this will mean any loose dirt and grit will be wiped away, leaving them ready for the next stages.

Clean the shoes.
Although you have removed any excess dirt and grit it is now important to clean the shoes with your chosen shoe cleaner. Liberally spray the cleaner all over the shoes, focusing on any indentations in the shoes as well as the sole if this is leather. The cleaner should remove any leftover polish and stubborn fragments of dirt. Give your shoes a good rub with a cloth and leave the cleaner to soak in and dry for around 1 hour if possible.

Condition the shoes.
Like skin, leather needs moisture, so just like you would your face we advise that you smoother your shoes in your chosen conditioning product. In doing this you are putting moisture back into the leather giving your shoes that supple feel. This important step will ensure that the leather doesn’t crack and will also stop the leather from fading, overall this step will allow your shoes to last longer. If your shoes have leather soles don’t be afraid to apply the conditioner onto these as well. We would advise that you leave the product to soak in for a few hours for the best effects.

Polish the shoes.
The main event, the step that everyone wants to get to – polishing your shoes. Now is the time to take your chosen shoe polish and apply it to the shoes in large circular motions with a lint free cloth. Don’t miss any area of the shoes, apply it all over including the tongue. If you are unable to get the polish into the finer areas, take an applicator brush or toothbrush and finally buff the polish onto the shoes.

Buff the shoes.
The final stage, take a soft bristle brush and buff the leather in strong circular motions. This step will give the shoes a fantastic shine, to complete the look take a soft lint free cloth and gently buff the shoe to complete that high shine finish.   

Hopefully our handy guide will help you keep those old favourites looking as good as new. Although if you are looking to invest in something new, why not take a look at our selection of men’s leather shoes online at Fields Menswear.

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