Casual Friday Wear

It’s the day we eagerly wait all week for, so if you’re looking to reflect those Friday vibes in a dress down outfit then we have the perfect guide for you! With these tips and recommendations you’ll no longer have to worry about being the one to over or under do it in the office. And you certainly don’t want to be the only person who sticks to their regular suit and tie combo. So below we’ve gathered some of our top picks to inspire you for casual Friday.

The Blazer
Blazers have certainly broken out of their occasion wear box and are the perfect way for you to blend smart and casual in a highly fashionable manner. However, you need to stay away from your standard suit jacket and pick up something a little more fun rather than business. Opting for a lightweight blazer in lighter colours is the perfect trend for a dress down day in the office. This choice also opens up the doors for a little more variety with wider options of colours and even faint patterns available! Just be sure to match a patterned blazer with a plain shirt underneath as the office is not the ideal place to be experimenting with pattern clashes! Paired with jeans or chino trousers, this style is sure to be a hit. Another extra tip; you could even try pairing the blazer with a plain t-shirt underneath. Just make sure to avoid anything graphic, and you’re on your way to achieving the perfect casual Friday look. murcia-linen-blend-check-jacket-blue-p2622-2868_medium

The Casual Shirt
Ditch formal shirts for casual the next time you need to dress down for work and choose styles different to your standard black and white. Light patterns like small polka dots can liven up a shirt and create a fun and relaxed look to blend in with your still smart appearance. Long sleeved shirts can be rolled up to the elbow with neat cuffs to take the shirt to that next level of casual. This style of shirt could still be paired with a blazer but a plain, lightweight cardigan would have an even better and more stylish effect, buttoned or not!


The Chino
Chino trousers became a big hit over the last few years which is why they’re a perfect staple for casual Friday.  They’re smarter than jeans but more comfortable than your standard suit trousers and help create the perfect relaxed yet stylish look. Available in a wide range of colours, our personal favourite are neutrals like beige for example. This is a colour not really suited to other styles of pants so now is your opportunity to pull it off! Opt for a tight fitting leg if wearing with boots especially. The plain style also makes the trousers easily parable so you can let your imagination run wild with what you’re going to wear on your top half.


The Polo
Polo shirts are massively popular at the moment and are the epitome of smart casual wear, which comes as no surprise as wearing one of the shirts is an effortless way to achieve a dressed down style. Polo’s are ideal for the summertime when it is perhaps too warm to wear a jacket, so you don’t have to worry about your outfit losing its spark by removing layers. They’re also a lot freer than shirts as the ranges of colours and patterns they’re available in are much easier to wear and pull off. There can sometimes be a risk when wearing a patterned shirt but with polo’s you can feel more confident to wear something a bit different and still have the casual nature to back it up. An extra little tip; try to avoid wearing a polo with more than one button undone, any more than this can make the style look messy and ruin your smart casual style!

The Shoes
Our immediate pick for shoes is desert boots! The style is very casual yet still smart enough to impress. With the large expanse of block colour contrasted with the rubber sole and stitching, it creates a fashionable and effortless look. The lightweight nature of the boots adds to the simplistic style and makes them a comfortable choice. Available in a medley of colours, my personal favourites are the neutral tones as they can be easily paired and are different to the usual black or brown shoes usually worn to the office. These style of boots look best with a well fitted leg trouser so that they don’t hide or cover too much of the shoe!

Choosing to follow any of these style paths will result in the perfect outfit for your next casual Friday at work. But why not try mixing and matching some of the styles detailed together? Create a look perfect for a dress down day but that still embodies your own personal style!

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