Stylish Knots & How To Ties Them

Prince Albert

A typically British and incredibly stylish knot, the Prince Albert has been around for generations. Although there is no actual link to it being named after Prince Albert, or of him ever sporting the style of knot, we like to think it was someone’s genius idea to name a knot after the great member of the Royal family. A reasonably simple knot to master, and very similar to the style of knot you’ve been probably doing since your schooldays With the bottom end of your tie being passes through the knot twice during a Prince Albert, it should leave a little of the underlay peeking out at the bottom. To create that perfect Prince Albert knot take a look at the step-by-step video, you’ll be showing off your new found skill in no time!




Again, another traditional and typically British style of knot. The Windsor knot is regarded by many as the classic knot, as is, of course, incredibly stylish. Invented by the public as a way to imitate the Duke of Windsor wide triangular knot he would regularly wear after giving up the monarchy. The roots of the Windsor knot date back to pre world war 2, making it a knot that has certainly lasted the test of time. Again a fairly simple knot to tie, and mastering it shouldn’t take too many practices! The knot ideally should deliver a perfectly symmetrical triangular shape, working best with a spread collar. If the full Windsor knot is too tricky, why not take a look at the Half Windsor, for a similar effect.


The Trinity

So far we’ve given you a few examples of fairly easy, but practical knots, now for something a little bit harder! The Trinity knot is a fairly recent invention, but it’s easily one of the most memorable knots we’ve ever seen. Known for its beautiful and intricate style, it certainly will leave a lasting impression and be quite the talking piece wherever you wear it. Granted, it’s not an easy knot to get right, so prepare for a few fails the first hundred times or so, but once you get it down you’ll be able to seriously impress. Slightly larger than your typical Windsor knot, but a striking design, perfect for showing off your skills be it at a wedding, around the office, formal do, or for something to talk about at an interview perhaps? Good luck with this one, seriously!


Of course, there are many, many more different styles of knots to get your hands on and master, these are just a selection of a couple that we think every tie wearer should know, and one that’s a bit more creative.

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