New Year New Style

The dreary month of January has finally passed by, and by now we’re guessing most of you have broken your new year promises? If not.. well done! But with the most depressing month of the year finally done, why not get yourself a new style! You can never go wrong with a new wardrobe and at Fields Menswear we’ve got the perfect style for you! Make 2016 your year, and enter it with a bang, and a new look, ready to impress! Whether it’s casual or formal attire you’re after, at Fields Menswear we’re here to help!


Shirt –

The colours might not be right for you, but we think the checks are an ideal casual look! Be it for a party, a night out or just weekend clothing, you can’t go wrong with a decent checkered shirt! Plus remember the weather isn’t exactly warm yet, so the long sleeves are a pretty decent idea for the spring months.

Trousers –

You can’t go wrong with pair of light coloured chinos, which works exceptionally well with a checkered shirt. They give off a casual look, but still give off that right amount of style, so you don’t look like you haven’t made the effort.

Knitwear –

As part of the whole outfit, over a smart shirt or as a stand alone garment, both work just as well! The soft merino wool doesn’t aggravate the skin, and goes well with a pair of subtle coloured chinos.

Footwear –

A stylish and cool designed pair of deck shoes is easily one of the most casual shoes we have available at Fields. Worn with or without socks, depending on the season is up to you, but we’re telling you they will perfectly complete the casual weekend look!

Fields 2


If you’re looking for a more formal approach to the new year, maybe with a wedding coming up, or you’ve recently started a new job, at Fields Menswear we’ve got something perfect and in-style for you!

Trousers –
A plain style is always a winner, as pinstripe has very much become a thing of the past! The choice of lighter or darker is entirely up to you, but a plain pair of trousers work effortlessly with whatever you decide to accompany them with.

Shirt –
A crisp white long sleeved shirt has always, and will always, be the epitome of clean cut style. You always appear to look smart and it will never really go out of style! The perfect garment for formal fashion. Word of advice though, careful not to spill, it can really ruin your whole day.

Jacket –
Nothing quite says you mean business like a jacket. It may be a mix-match suit, but if can easily work very well. Different tones of grey are always in-trend and right up to style!

Footwear –
If you don’t already own a pair of brogues, we’d strongly recommend you get a pair for your new style! quite possibly the quintessential formal shoe, available in various colours, but there’s something about the original brown colour that just oozes with style.

Fields 3

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