February 2016

New Year New Style

The dreary month of January has finally passed by, and by now we’re guessing most of you have broken your new year promises? If not.. well done! But with the most depressing month of the year finally done, why not get yourself a new style! You can never go wrong with a new wardrobe and at Fields Menswear we’ve got the perfect style for you! Make 2016 your year, and enter it with a bang, and a new look, ready to impress! Whether it’s casual or formal attire you’re after,... Read More


Stylish Knots & How To Ties Them

Prince Albert A typically British and incredibly stylish knot, the Prince Albert has been around for generations. Although there is no actual link to it being named after Prince Albert, or of him ever sporting the style of knot, we like to think it was someone’s genius idea to name a knot after the great member of the Royal family. A reasonably simple knot to master, and very similar to the style of knot you’ve been probably doing since your schooldays With the bottom end of your tie being passes... Read More