5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching ‘Archer’

The US phenomenon that is Archer is easily one of the funniest animated adult comedy series around. The show follows the secret spy organisation ‘ISIS’ (which has since changed its name in the show and rather hilariously I might add), and its agents who are all pretty terrible at their jobs, claiming that they’re the best in the world. With bang on adult humour you really should be watching this show; all series are available on Netflix and new episodes are broadcast on 5USA.

1) Cast & Characters

Based around secret spy organisation ‘ISIS’, which later changed its name. Archer is one of them shows that has got the perfect balance for matching their cast and characters, it’s hard to imagine the characters sounding any different. With a stellar voice-cast boasting the best of the voices of H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Aisha Tyler & Jessica Walter, all of which have been in countless American sitcoms, some pretty big ones in fact. Titular character ‘Sterling Archer’, dubbed the world’s greatest spy, is in fact not that at all. His hilarious mishaps and rocky and completely inappropriate with his mother and fellow agents are what makes this animated series comedy gold.

2) The ‘Relationships’

As Archer is pretty much a classic ‘spy spoof’ you’re going to expect a lot of relationships to be going on, just think back to classic James Bond ‘relationships’. But with Archer, it’s so much more than just a classy ending with a girl, they had to step it up one level further. Having completely inappropriate relationships with the majority of the office Sterling Archer does it with style, especially the longest running on/off joke with other field agent Lana Kane, not mention the head of HR, the secretary and various others. The shining relationship comes from Archer’s hilariously bad relationship with his mother, Malory Archer, who also happens to be head of ISIS. The recurring jokes and flashbacks to Archer’s childhood are what throw the typical mother/son relationship askew.

3) Stereotypical Characters

As with any good animated adult comedy they play heavily on the typical stereotype role in characters, no truer is this than in Archer. With some of the characters regularly switching their personality and creating different egos, each of the characters has outstanding comedy effects when it comes to the typical and well-known stereotypes. The country music star, the Jamaican persona, the mad scientist, the traditional spy are all involved some way or another and not even pushed in a subtle way. It’s something that the creator Adam Reed has done excellently.

4) The Insanely Funny Storylines

Coming up with a different storyline that actually keeps people drawn in and keeps them laughing is ridiculously hard to do, but one that creator Adam Reed seems to do effortlessly. It’s pretty easy for a show to be a flop, especially a cartoon aimed at adults, but as Archer has received huge amounts of praise it’s clear that it’s around to stay. The mixture of cultures and eras, such as including KGB Russia and communist Cuba in the mix is part of the reason why Archer works so well and is so funny. The diversity in the clash of eras and mix of personalities in the show all play in its favour, and the end result should rightly so be showered with praise. I mean, who would have thought frequent references to Kenny Loggins and Burt Reynolds would be so funny?

5) The Animation

If you’re an avid fan or even a regular fan of adult comedy animation, such as Family Guy, South Park and, of course, The Simpsons, you’ll know that getting the animation right is key. Archer has managed to get the balance of quality up front animation with the standstill background, that looks like it’s been drawn in minutes, spot on. All of which just adds to the overall charm and like-ability of the show.


A show that we would highly recommend as one of the animated comedy greats.

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