The Best Formal Party Ideas

Struggling for a party idea but you don’t want just the traditional worn out ideas? At Fields Menswear we specialise in formal wear, so we’ve come up what we think are the best ideas for alternative party themes. It’s an excuse for everyone to dress smart, look as stylish as they can and have a great time in doing so, giving your parties a much more sophisticated twist than the usual casual gatherings.


Black & White

The black and white theme is a tried and tested winner, giving everyone a chance to be as creative as they can within the party guidelines. For many it would just scream “wear a tuxedo”, which is guaranteed a sense of sophistication to any party, but to make it much more difficult why not suggest that the fancier the better, see how many people will turn up and top hat and cane thinking that they are the epitome of cool. Alternatively you can go towards the other direction and suggest no tuxedos to be worn, but keep it smart and see what people can think of to turn up in.


American 1920’s

Following the release of The Great Gatsby a couple of years back these parties have been all the range. A truly great way for people to express themselves with what colours they find suitable and what accessories they can come up with (think straw hats and pocket watches). Food and drink can easily be catered to the theme, with lots of rich finger foods and champagne, or prosecco, flowing. Alternatively you could brand it as ‘Jazz Party’, because in our opinion is the perfect music for a chilled formal party.



Everyone may know them as ‘mystery murder nights’ but you can put your own twist on it, by getting people to dress in character. The theme will always provide great entertainment and an excuse to try something different introducing a stylish take, sorry if you’re the one that’s murdered though. It might take a fair bit of effort getting everything organised, but it’s well worth the trouble once you’re having a laugh with friends.


1960’s – Mad Men

Even though the fashion in the UK was still pretty smart in the 60’s with suits being the preferred choice of clothing by many, and with iconic designs spawning from the era, for our next theme were looking over the pond to America from the same decade. With Mad Men being a huge hit around the globe for AMC (if you haven’t watched it I implore you too), everything being so suave and cool, thanks to titular character Don Draper. Famous for on style clean cut suits, slicked back hair and casual drinking in our eyes it’s an ideal theme for a party. It gives everyone to try and be as cool as they think they are by turning up ready to impress. Plus the music isn’t too bad from the era either.



A fail-proof idea to have great fun, but just make sure you state that it’s a formal affair. Obviously we’re not advising using real money, you can get some great casino sets which come with their own chips, but that’s really up to you. Having different games tables allows people to mingle more freely and not have as much small talk, giving the party a vibrant feel about it.


Obviously there are hundreds of themes that are excellent ideas for a formal party, these are just some of our favourite, but be creative and see what you can come up with.

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