July 2015

The Best Formal Party Ideas

Struggling for a party idea but you don’t want just the traditional worn out ideas? At Fields Menswear we specialise in formal wear, so we’ve come up what we think are the best ideas for alternative party themes. It’s an excuse for everyone to dress smart, look as stylish as they can and have a great time in doing so, giving your parties a much more sophisticated twist than the usual casual gatherings.   Black & White The black and white theme is a tried and tested winner, giving everyone... Read More


Who Was The Best Bond?

James Bond is undoubtedly a British treasure, created way back when by the great Ian Fleming, who, little fact, is also the brainpower behind Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, so he was a pretty talented bloke. Since the first ever bond filmed graced our screens in 1962 there has been a total seven actors stepping up for the role, the finest of British actors and one Aussie, but the question has always been raging throughout Bond fans, who has been the best to play 007? At Fields Menswear we’ve been looking... Read More

Get Your Wardrobe Ready For Summer

With summer hopefully well and truly in full swing it’s probably about time to swap over your winter clothes for the summer ones. At Fields Menswear we’re here to help you top up your wardrobe with some incredibly stylish clothing, that would be an ideal addition to your summer outfits.   Shorts Gabicci and Farah are two of the most respected clothing designers in the world, and it is easy to see why. The Palmer Twill shorts by Farah are perfect for taking away on holiday or for summer nights,... Read More